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GHT - The Full Traverse
152 Days
147Day trek, 7 nights hotel,and 146 nights camping
Trekking, Mountaineering & Technical Pass Crossings
Sherpani Col (6190m), West Col (6180), Amphu Laptse (5849m)
A Quick Overview

This is your opportunity to be one of the few people to walk the full length of Nepal's high route of the Great Himalayan Trail in one continuous trek. The 152-day trek commences in the far east in the Kanchenjunga region where the world's third-highest peak stretches skyward and traverses the country to the high plateaus on the Tibetan borderlands in the far west. Along this 1700km trail, you'll encounter some of the wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable. You'll see all of Nepal's 8000-meter peaks, cross tens of passes ranging from moderate to extreme, and witness villages where the culture has remained intact for centuries. It's a trek that should only be considered by those with extensive trekking and mountaineering experience, a high level of fitness, and a flexible approach as there will be the need to adapt to a range of situations throughout the trek. We are sure the rigors of this full-length GHT trek will be countered with immense satisfaction and a truly unforgettable lifelong memory. During this trek there will be sections where the trail is very rugged or ill-defined, some trail shave been trekked only a few times by small parties, and so the going will be tough. Space in some campsites will also be very limited. It may be necessary to make changes to the itinerary at any time due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather, snow or trail conditions, river water levels, or group movement. Your trip leader will advise any changes should this occur. All participants on the GHT should be flexible and open-minded. The GHT should be seen as exploratory in the true sense of the word.

Trip Highlights

Remote trekking in the Kanchenjunga region joining route with the first 19 days of the Great Himalaya Trail.
Stunning views of Mt. Everest north face of Kanchenjunga, Januu peak, and the Kanchenjunga Glacier.Limbu, Sherpa, Tibetan & Rai Culture in ancient villages.
Witness and immerse yourself into the rural way of life before URDGV and other modern infrastructure.
Pristine indigenous fauna & fauna in different low land & alpine zones.
Fully supported camping trek including 3 delicious meals per day prepared by our awesome kitchen team.
Experience the spirit of the All Nepal Adventure Tours & Treks family of guides climbing sherpas, cooks & kitchen crew & porters.
Sightseeing Kathmandu -Swayambhunath (the famous monkey temple), Kathmandu Durbar Square, and/or the giant Buddhist stupa at Boudhanath.

DAYS ITINERARY of Full Traverse 

Day-1. Arrive Kathmandu
Day-2. In Kathmandu (1330m)
Day-3. Fly Bhadrapur (2420m). Drive To Ilam. Approx. 5hrs Drive.
Day-4. Drive To Taplejung (1820m). Drive Approx. 4-5hrs.
Day-5. To Mitlung (1542m) Walk Approx. 4 Hrs.
Day-6. To Chiruwa (1270m), Walk Approx. 6-7hrs.

Day-7-8. To Sukathum (1576m) Walk Approx. 6hrs, & Amjilosa (2308m) Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-9-11. To Gyabla (2730m), Walk Approx. 6hrs, And To Ghunsa (3595m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-12. To Kangpachen (4050m), Walk Approx. 6-7hrs.

Day-13. To Lhonak (4780m), Walk Approx. 6-7hrs.

Day-14. Kanchenjunga Base Camp (4050m), Walk Approx. 7hrs.

Day-15-16. Return Trek To Ghunsa

Day-17. To Nango La Camp (4776m), Walk Approx. 5.5hrs.

Day-18-20. Cross Nango La (4776m) To Yangma Kola (3430m/ 5hrs) & Olangchun Gola (3191m/ 8hrs)

Day-21-23. Commence Sanku Link Of The GGom Olangchun Gola To Pass Camp (4453m)

Day-24. Cross Lumbha Sambha La To Thudam (3556m), Walk Approx 6hrs.

Day-25-27. To Chyamtang (2187m)

Day-28. To Hongon (2323m), Walk Approx. 6-7hrs.

Day-29. To Bakim Kharka/ High Camp (3020m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-30-35. To Molun Pokhari (3954m/5hrs), Dhunge Kharka (2980m/7hrs), Saldim Khola Or Khola Kharka & Adventure Pass Camp                              (3900m/7hrs), Kalo Pokhari (4100m/6hrs), Grazing Kharka (3960m/7hrs)

Day-36. Trek To Yangla Kharka (3557m), Walk Approx. 5-6hrs

Day-37-38. Trek To Langmale Kharka (4400m / 5hrs) & Rest/Acclimatisation Day

Day-39-40. To Makalu Base Camp (4870m), Rest/Acclimatisation Day.

Day-41-42. To Swiss Base Camp (5150m/5-6hrs)

Day-43-44. To Sherpani Col Base Camp (5700m/6-7hrs), Cross Sherpani Col (6180m) To Baruntse High Camp (West Col @ 6100m),                               Walk Approx. 10-12hrs

Day-45-47. Cross West Col To Honku Basin & Amphu Labsta Base (5400m)

Day-48. Cross Amphu Labsta (5845m) To Chukung (4730m), Approx. 10-12 Hrs.

Day-49-50. Trek To Dingboche (4360m), Dzongla (4843m)

Day-51. Cross Cho La To Gokyo (4759m)

Day-52. At Gokyo, Ascend Gokyo Ri (5483m)

Day-53. Trek To Renjo La High Camp, Walk Approx. 4hrs.

Day-54. Cross Renjo La To Taranga (4368m/6.5hrs)

Day-55. To Thame (3820m/3hrs).

Day-56-58. To Parchemuche Tsho (4780m/ 6.5hrs) & Cave Camp (5665m/ 5.5hrs).

Day-59. Cross Tashi Labsta (5760m) To Trakarding Glacier (4735m), Walk Approx. 7.5hrs.

Day-60-61. To Kabug (4820m/ 4.5hrs) & Beding (3740m/ 5hrs).

Day-62-63. To Dokhang (2791m/ 5.5hrs) & Simigaon (2036m/ 5hrs).

Day-64-66. Trek Down Valley To Bigu Gompa (2516m).

Day-67-69. To Kathmandu (1330m)

Day-70. Resume GHT, Langtang Link. Trek To Listi (2260m), Walk Approx. 4hrs.

Day-71. To Chagam (2705m/ 5hrs), Chogormogor Kharka (3924m/ 4hrs)

Day-72-73. To Shotang Kharka (2820m/ 6hrs), & Nyasim Khola Camp (1460m/ 4.5hrs)

Day-74. To Kharka (3600m/ 5hrs)

Day-75-76. To Panch Pokhari (4074m/ 3-4hrs), & Rest Day.

Day-77-78. To Tin Pokhari (4255m/ 6hrs)

Day-79-80. Cross Tilman Pass (5308m/ 6hrs) To North High Camp (4720m/ 7hrs).

Day-81 . To Kyangjin Gompa (3830m), Approx. 7hrs.

Day-82-83. To Lama Hotel (3030m/7 Hrs) & Syabru Besi (1503m/ 6 Hrs).

Day-84. Ganesh Link. To Gatlang (2238m), Walk Approx. 4.5hrs.

Day-85-86. To Somdang (3258m/ 6hrs) & Tipling (1890m/ 7hrs).

Day-87-89. To Lapa Khola (1258m/ 5.5hrs), Nauban Kharka (2750m/ 7hrs), & Kerauja (2074m/ 7.5hrs).

Day-90-91. To Khorla Besi & Jagat (1340m), Walk Approx. 6.5hrs.

Day-92. To Philim (1570m), Walk Approx. 4hrs.

Day-93. To Deng (1860m), Walk Approx. 5-6hrs.

Day-94. To Namrung (2630m), Walk Approx. 7-8hrs.

Day-95. To Shyala (3520m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-96-97. To Samdo (3875m), Walk Approx. 5hrs & Rest Day.

Day-98. To Larkye Base Camp (4460m), Walk Approx. 4hrs.

Day-99. Cross Larkye La (5140m) To Bimtang (3590m) 8-10hrs.

Day-100. To Dharapani (1865m), Walk Approx. 7hrs.

Day-101. To Khodo (2675m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-102-103. To Pisang (2675m/ 7hrs) & Manang (3540m/ 4hrs).

Day-104. To Yak Kharka (4050m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-105. To Thorong High Camp (4700m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-106-107. Cross Thorong La (5380m) To Muktinath, Walk Approx. 9hrs, & Rest Day.

Day-108. To Goat Kharka Via Kagbeni (2810m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-109. To Santa (3778m), Walk Approx. 7hrs.

Day-110. To Ghalden Ghuldun Khola (4247m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-111-114 . To Lalinawar Khola (4800m/ 4hrs). Cross Jungben La (5550m) & Niwas La (5120m) To Nulungsunda Kharka (4987m/                                     7hrs) & Chharka Bhot (4302m/ 6hrs). Rest Day.

Day-115-117. To Chap Chu (4320m/ 7hrs), Maran (4350m/ 8hrs), And Nungmala Base Camp (4440m/ 6hrs).

Day-118-121. To Bagala Base Camp (4400m/ 6hrs), Temche (3900m/ 7hrs), Ringmo (3641m/ 4hrs) & Rest Day.

Day-122. To Kharka (4300m), Walk Approx. 5.5hrs.

Day-123-125. To Kagmara High Camp (5070m/ 4-5hrs), Kagmara Pass (Other Side Of Base Camp (4200m/ 6-7hrs) & Hurikot (3010m/ 8hrs).

Day-126-127. To Nauli Ghot (3400m/ 8hrs) & Kudigaon (3300m/ 8hrs).

Day-128-131. To Jumla, Walk Approx. 7hrs; Rest Day; To Khaligaon, Walk Approx. 8hrs & Dab (Bulbule), Walk Approx. 8 Hrs.

Day-132-133. To Rara Lake (3010m/ 8hrs), Rest Day.

Day-134. Karnali Riverside Camp, Walk Approx. 4hrs.

Day-135. To Bam (2700m), Walk Approx. 5-6hrs.

Day-136. To Jogimara (3005m), Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-137. To Piplan (1700m), Walk Approx. 7hrs.

Day-138. To Apsia Lekh (3200m), Walk Approx. 7-8hrs.

Day-139. To Punkha Khola, Walk Approx. 6hrs.

Day-140. To River Camp, Walk Approx. 5.5hrs.

Day-141.      To Simikot (2900m), Walk Approx. 6.5hrs.

Day-142.      To Dharapori (2300m), Walk Approx. 5hrs.

Day-143-144. To Salli Khola & Muchu (2920m), Walk Approx. 6-7 Hrs.

Day-145-146. To Yari (4100m), Walk Approx. 4-5hrs; & The Tibetan Border At Hilsa, Walk Approx. 7 Hrs.

Day-147-150.  Return To Simikot (2910m).

Day-151. To Nepalgunj & Kathmandu By Air (1330m).

Day-152. Trip Concludes Kathmandu

Great Himalayan Trail Trekking Full Traverse 152 Days
GHT-Section wise
GHT - Section 1:Kanchenjunga 26 Days
GHT - Section 2:Makalu & Everest 34 Days
GHT - Section 3:Everest & Rolwaling  28 Days
GHT - Section 4:Langtang via Tilman Pass 18 Days
GHT - Section 5:Manaslu & Annapurna 26 Days
GHT - Section 6:Upper & Lower Dolpo  30 Days
GHT - Section 7:Rara Lake & Yari Valley 29 Days

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