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Lower Manaslu & Gorkha Trek 13 Days

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12 Days


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The Lower Manaslu & Gorkha trek is a newly introduced moderate grade trek in the heart of central Nepal, one of the closest trekking regions to Kathmandu, and is accessible by bus ride along the Prithivi highway from Kathmandu to Kurintar at the cable car station. The trek begins at Manakamana temple, a popular religious tourist destination. The historical Gorkha palace, the birthplace and home of Prithvi Narayan Shah, is at the top of a small hillock, along with Gorkahkali temple-goddess of Kali, and the Gorkha museum, a collection of artifacts and personal belongings of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, can be observed. On the whole, the Manakaman temple and Gorkha Durbar, with their magnificence pagoda architectural design, are certainly charismatic for those travelers who wish to explore ancient history and architecture. In addition, these places are also a vantage point to offer a delightful scene of green valleys and the views of the Himalayan ranges.

More than 20 Himalayan panoramic views of Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Sringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, and several other prominent peaks from Darche Danda-the highest point of the trek-are breathtaking and extremely popular for having the perfect sunrise view.

The most isolated Gurung village is Barpak, also known as the village of the late Capt. Gaje Ghale, who was awarded the Victoria Cross Medal of Great Britain. The very beautiful Laprak Village is notable for its wood-roofed houses, breathtaking scenery, and Gurung culture. Caving in Sita cave, which is surrounded by forest on the way to Gyampesal, is a thrilling and adventurous experience.

Lower Manaslu trekking is one of the greatest ways to learn about the region's rich and unique historical, religious, cultural, ecological, and archaeological significance. This journey includes a fully supported home stay where you may learn more about the locals and learn fascinating facts about the people of Lower Manaslu. All Nepal Adventure Tours & Treks offers low-cost hikes to the lower Manaslu with a customized holiday schedule.

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DAY 01
Arrival in Kathmandu 1350m.

Your trip starts today when you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Upon your arrival, you will be received by our ANA representative at the airport. He'll be carrying an ANA board with your name written on it. Then you will be transferred to the hotel.  After you check into the hotel, our representative will brief you about your trip. Then free till pick up time for the welcome dinner. In your spare time, you can relax, walk around the hotel, go shopping for necessities, and so on     


DAY 02
Trip preparation day and cultural tour

The Managing Director of our company will be there to meet you in the hotel and provide more information about the trek. Your dues must be cleared before we proceed on the trip. Afterward, you are free to relax or explore around the city. We will finalize paperwork-permit for your trip and make a final check of your equipment. In case you need additional trekking equipment, you will have a chance to buy it. Sightseeing tours of Kathmandu Valley are also an option. 

 Welcome Dinner                                     Hotel

DAY 03
Drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar and Cable car to Manakamana then trek to Piplechhap (1090 m)

After breakfast you will drive out of the Kathmandu valley early and to Kurintar bazaar. The scenic highway drive offers you a great view of green hills and Trishuli river below. A 10-minute ride of a cable car with a great view will take you to Manakamana temple. Manakamana is one of the most significant Hindu shrines in the country and devotees visit here all around the year. This temple is a great place to learn about Hindu culture and rites in Nepal. After some time here, have your lunch and visit the places in the trail to Pipalchap. Temple of Bakyaswor Mahadev and Lakhan-Thapa caves are two of the best sites of Gorkha. The stretch from here to Tinmane Bhanjyang provides you the best views of Himalayan ranges. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                Home Stay in Pipalchhap

DAY 04
Trek from Piplechhap to Gorkha Bazaar (900 m), Approximately 5 Hours

We will walk to Bungkot today. Bungkot is a historically significant village as the birthplace of Nepal's first martyr, Lakhan Thapa. Spend some time in the park here, dedicated to the late Lakhan Thapa. The village is a great way to hear the legends and stories of the hero and others. The local Magar people always welcome visitors with smiles and hospitality. In the homestays here, try some of the organic products grown in the village farmlands here. You will continue your walk to Gorkha Bazaar, which will take about two hours from here. Stroll around your hotel in your spare time here.

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                 Hotel in Gorkha Bazaar

DAY 05
Gorkha Durbar and Gorakhkali Temple Excursion

Today will be a rest and exploration day of the Gorkha bazaar. The city is one of the most important commercial centers in lower Manaslu. The Gorkha Palace of P.N. Shah, Gorakhanath Cave, and the Gorkha Museum will be the main attractions here.

Gorkha Palace:

Gorkha was the commencing point of the unification of Nepal from small states by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, and it all started in this very palace. This Palace provides us with a fantastic view of the Gorkha Bazaar, which is situated at the top of a high hill. The palace is also a showcase of the lifestyle of the Shah kings before the unification. About 1000 ft. above Gorkha Bazaar, this palace is a living history of medieval Nepal. The panoramic view of the Annapurna, Manaslu, and Ganesh ranges in the north is also pristine from here.

Gorakhnath Cave:

The Gorakhnath cave is believed to be the meditating site of the great Guru (Sage) Gorakhnath. Gorkha is named after the Sage according to legends. The sage guided the young king, P.N. Shah, to unify the small states and make them as they are now. The cave is only about 10 meters from the southern face of the palace.

Gorkha Museum:

Located at the Gorkha Bazaar, the Gorkha Museum is a repository holding many artifacts reflecting the culture, tradition, history, and others of the Gorkha and ancient Nepal. The 52-foot long script, hundreds of old coins, and royal materials of the previous ruling kings of Gorkha are among many attractions here. After your visit to these places, return to your hotel and rest for the day. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                 Hotel in Gorkha Bazaar

DAY 06
Drive from Gorkha Bazaar to Bhachchhek via Chanaute 5 Hours and Siran Danda (1900m.); Approximately 1 Hours

Today, we will take a jeep ride to Bhachek village. The drive is a thrilling one, with multiple tight turns and corners constituting the road. Driving beside the Darundi river with amazing scenery and mountain views, you will reach the lively village of Bhachhek via Chanute. Rest for a while here and then start your hike to Sirandanda. Sirandanda is a complete package destination on its own. Nagepokhari, Dudhpokhari, the tea garden, Chima, and Dharani are the major attractions here in Sirandanda. Beautiful wildflowers and herbs are also the specialties here. One can spot Jatamashi, Yarsagumba, Rato Unyu, Satuwa and many other amazing herbs in this hike and tour section. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                   Home Stay in Siran Danda.

DAY 07
Trek from Siran Danda to Barpak (1920 m); Approximately 6-7 Hours

After breakfast we will start our trek to Ghyachock village through Mathar. We will have a simple and locally traveled trail here. Gyachock is a popular option for enjoying an organic Nepali lunch with fresh vegetables. From here, we have a 4 hour walk to reach the village of Barpak. We will cross the settlements of Dewalsara, Sum River, Daraudi River, Goje and Alagang before reaching Barpak in the late afternoon. Barpak is an amazing place to view the sunset over the Himalayas. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                    Lodge/Home Stay in  Gurung settlement of Barpak.

DAY 08
Trek from Barpak to Laprak (2100 m); Approximately 5-6 Hours

Today, we will head for a brief tour of Barpak village. As the epicenter of the massive earthquake of 2015 BS, this village is on the verge of completion of its restoration. Starting from the first section of the walk, we will reach Basukang. From here, our trail separates into two ways. One leads to the famous Rupina La Pass (Manaslu trekking) and the other continues to our destination for today, Laprak. The unity and hospitality of the local people here will be a great experience for you. A single village constitutes the VDC of Laprak, which is a fantastic symbol of unity here. Rest for the day in Laprak. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                 Lodge/Home Stay in Laprak

DAY 09
Trek from Laprak to Nambe Kharka (2700 m); Approximately 4 Hours

This section of the trek allows us to enjoy the pleasures of hill farming and husbandry. Our final site for today, Nambe Kharka, translates as rich pastureland, so, one can imagine the setting here. The walk is short and scenic, with some steep sections as well. Myas Bhanjyang will be our break site, providing us with a great view of nature. We will take our own lunch pack on this short stretch and continue all the way to Nambe kharka. Try some vegetarian delights here and rest for the day. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                               Lodge/Home Stay 

DAY 10
Trek from Nambe Kharka to Darche Danda (3220 m) to Tallo Thotnery (1560m); Approximately 7 Hours

Today, we will have an early breakfast and hike to the top of Darche Danda. This will be the highest point of our whole Lower Manaslu trek and is worth every step too. The majestic view of the sunrise over the green hills and the Himalayas will be a sight to relive. Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Bharasikhar, Gangapurna, Sringi Himal, Lamtang, Himalchuli, Buddha Himal, and the whole Ganesh Himal range are visible on a clear day from the top. We will continue our trek from here to another beautiful Gurung village, Tall Thotnery. We will visit local attractions like Sita Cave and Olajung Danda here. Overnight at a homestay here with cultural programs.

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                               Lodge/Home Stay

DAY 11
Trek from Tallo Thotnery- to Gyaji (Tala Khani)/Deurali to Gyampesal (970 m); Approximately 6 HOurs

After breakfast, we will visit the religious Sita Cave in Tallo Thotnery. We will have a walk of about 90 minutes in the tropical forest to get there. Hindu devotees visit the cave with offerings on many occasions. If you overlap your trek to the Ram Navami festival here, you will witness the local culture and Hindu traditions in Lower Manaslu. After some spiritual time here, continue your trek to Gyaji. We will walk further down to Gyampesal village, which is the terminating point of our Lower Manaslu trek. Overnight in a tent or a village homestay in Gyampesal.

 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner                                 Lodge/Home Stay/Tent 

DAY 12
Trek from Gyampesal to Gorkha Bazaar to Kathmandu by Drive (1350 m); Approximately 8 hours.

Today is final day of our trek. We will take the morning bus, leaving early from Gyampesal to the Gorkha Bazaar. A local bus ride of about 2.5 hours will take you to the Gorkha Bazaar. From here, you can either hire a private jeep/car or a local bus to Kathmandu. The highway ride passing beautiful, historical, and commercial settlements will take you to Kathmandu. Drive to your hotel and head out for some souvenir shopping. 

 Breakfast/Lunch/ Farewell Dinner                                     Hotel in Kathmandu

DAY 13
Final Departure

Today is the last day of our trip to Nepal! We'll be dropped off at the airport by an All Nepal Adventure representative about 3 hours before your flight. On the way home, we had plenty of time to plan our next trip to Nepal's beautiful country.

■If you have extra days in Nepal after completing the Gorkha Lower Manaslu Trek, we can arrange tours of Kathmandu valley, sightseeing, and a trip to Nagarkot, which is the ideal getaway. Chitwan jungle safari, paragliding, rafting, canyoning, another trek, and much more await you!


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Equipment List

Here’s a complete rundown of what to bring if you’re planning a trek to Everest Base Camp or any other tea-house trek in Nepal.  Proper preparation and equipment for the conditions will go a long way to ensuring you have a great trekking experience.  What follows is a pretty comprehensive list and will make sure you are covered in the coldest months of the year. If you have questions on what you might need just ask us and keep in mind that Kathmandu is a great place to buy trekking gear at affordable prices.


  • Valid passport, 2 extra passport size photos, airline tickets
  • Separate photocopies of passport, visa form (easily obtained at Kathmandu airport), proof of insurance
  • Dollars, pounds or Euros in cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport, for paying for restaurants and hotels, for gratuities, snacks, and to purchase your own drinks and gifts
  • Credit cards, Bank/ATM/Cash machine cards for withdrawing funds from cash machines (bring a photocopy of your cards), traveler's checks, etc.


  • Extra layers, gloves, wind breaker and poncho
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm with Sunscreen
  • Broad brimmed hat or bandana (for sun protection)
  • Iodine Water Tablets (personal preference)
  • Water Bottles or Camel Back
  • Sunglasses
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Waterproof bags to protect electronics or paperwork
  • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards
  • Umbrella (works great in a light rain or to protect from the sun)
  • Duct tape or moleskin for blisters
  • Toilet Paper
  • Trekking Poles (optional)
  • Thermos (optional for hot beverages)


  • Moisture wicking long sleeve tee-shirts (2)
  • Moisture wicking tee-shirts (1)
  • Long underwear pants (2)
  • Underwear (5 to 7)
  • Heavy Fleece or Down Jacket
  • Long sleeve shirts (2)
  • Sweatshirt (optional)
  • Fleece Pants
  • Trekking Pants (2)
  • Shorts (optional)
  • Gortex or Waterproof Jacket with hood
  • Rain Poncho that covers your day pack
  • Waterproof Pants
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Wool hat (Should cover ears) or Balaclava
  • Lightwight Gloves
  • Insulated Wool or Down Mittens
  • Gaiters (optional)


  • Hiking boots with ankle support
  • Camp shoes or Tennis Shoes
  • Plastic bag to carry spare shoes
  • Hiking socks (10)
  • Sock Liners (optional)


  • Sleeping bag rated to -15° C/ 0° f
  • Sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • Sleeping bag stuff sack


  • Duffel Bag for Carrying Your Gear (we provide this for the trek)
  • Day Pack for Carrying what you need on the trail
  • Small Lock(s) for duffel bag and day pack
  • Waterproof cover for daypack
  • Drybags in several sizes
  • Stuff sacks for dirty clothes/shoes


  • Our team brings along a basic first aid kit but we recommend you also carry the following;
  • Advil or Ibuprofen
  • Diamox (for altitude sickness)
  • Personal Prescriptions
  • Medical Tape (for preventing treating blisters)
  • Antibiotics (Cipro for travelers’ diarrhea)
  • Diaper Rash Cream (Can treat rashes or chaffing)
  • Basic toiletries (Soap, Deodorant…)
  • Wet wipes
  • Panty Liners and Tampons
  • Face lotion
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties
  • Hand warmers
  • Ear plugs for sleeping


  • Portable Solar Charger
  • Journal, pen and paper
  • Reading book
  • Voltage converter (from 220 to 110)
  • Plug adapter (2 round pegs to 2 flat pegs)
  • Lightweight pillow case (in case your teahouses provide you with pillows) or use your own stuff as a pillow

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What is Included

    • Airport Pick up and drop
    • Kathmandu to Kuringtar   and Ghyampesal to Kathmandu 
    • 3 nights accommodation with breakfast in Kathmandu
    • Accommodation in trekking (Generally twin Sharing room).
    • All Standard Meals during the trek.
    • Sleeping Bag, Liner, Trekking Pole ( each two), Duffel Bag, Hot Bag, Washing water.
    • Government License holder All Nepal Adventure experienced and qualified trek leader (guide), assistant trekking guide and porter to help trekkers luggage (2 trekkers:1 porter "9 kg per trekker max limit").
    • Coverage of guides and porters meals, insurance, salary, lodging, transportation and other necessary equipment.
    • Water purification tablets for safe drinking water
    • Manaslu Permit fee
    • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card fee.
    • Snacks (cookies) and Seasonal fresh fruits every day
    • All government, Local taxes and official Expenses
    • Assistance in arranging rescue operation in case of complicated health condition (funded by travel insurance)
    • Souvenir - A company's T-shirt &  Trekking Map
    • All Nepal Adventure’s appreciation of certificate after the successful trek
    • Welcome and Farewell Dinner
    • Provide pulse oximeter for blood oxygen saturation level monitor to high altitude. It is an important indicator to recognize early signs of impending altitude sickness and other potentially health risks

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    What is Excluded

    • Nepal entry visa.
    • Your Travel/Medical insurance.
    • Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu.
    • Hot shower while on trek.
    • Single supplements in hotels except solo trekking service.
    • Bar bills and laundry.
    • Battery Charges( Available during trek with Extra cost).
    • Optional trips not specified in the itinerary.
    • Tipping to guide and porter.
    • Personal trekking equipment.
    • Drinks (including tea) and Bar Bill (beverage).
    • Helicopter evacuation/rescue in case of emergency.
    • Donation to the local organization.
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